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Brad Pitt Tells “Straight Pride Parade” Organizers To Stop Using His Likeness



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A Straight Pride Parade In Boston

A group of men from Boston calling themselves “Super Happy Fun America” are planning a “straight pride parade“.

The group hopes to have their parade at the end of the summer, in the city of Boston. However, there is some confusion as to whether or not this event will actually take place.

Initially, Boston officials said that they would not be granting this group a permit to hold an event. Then, the group threatened to sue the city for discrimination if they did not approve the permits.

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After city officials announced that they would not approve the event, the group insisted that it was happening anyway. Group member Mark Sahady later posted to Facebook that they were “working with” city officials to make the event happen.

Who Is The Oppressed Minority?

The group’s president, a man named John Hugo, claims that “Straight people are an oppressed majority.

Although, it is important to point out that heterosexuals still make up a majority of the global population.

Also, straight people do often face oppression, but usually at the hands of corrupt governments, not by LGBT individuals. However, this oppression is not limited to heterosexuals, and the same issues often impact the gay community tenfold. One could argue that the LGBT community has faced significant struggles when compared to the heterosexual population.

The Pride tradition is actually a response to the extreme persecution that the LGBT community has faced for generations. Even now, people still face extreme challenges because of how others perceive their sexual orientation. LGBT individuals feel that they have to keep vital aspects of their personalities secret from family members or friends. This fear is due to an extreme social pressure that is invisible for those of us in the heterosexual community.

Many people lose their families and friends after revealing their sexual orientation, even in 2019. People from the gay community often fear showing affection or holding hands in public. This is because strangers often attack gay couples for revealing their sexuality in public.

The Reason For Pride

Researchers often track the origins of the Pride tradition back to the “Stonewall riots” of June 28, 1969. The riots were a massive turning point in the history of the LGBT movement. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar in Manhattan that saw frequent harassment from police. On the night of the riot, police attempted to raid the bar, but the attendees who gathered inside fought back. In the years that followed, Pride celebrations have sprung up all over the world, and became a global tradition.

These celebrations are so important because the LGBT community needs to know they are safe and welcome in society. Many people who are ignorant of the struggles faced by this community typically misunderstand what pride is all about. A straight pride parade isn’t needed in the same way that a gay pride parade is because the heterosexual community is generally not facing social exclusion or threats of violence due to their sexual orientation.

Straight Pride Parade

Photo Credit: Global Comment

Brad Pitt Distances Himself From The Parade

The straight pride parade campaign initially listed the actor Brad Pitt as their official mascot on their website. However, once news of the parade spread, Pitt contacted the group and demanded they stop using his name and likeness. The group quickly removed Pitt’s image and replaced it with that of right-wing provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos will now act as both mascot and grand marshal of a proposed parade, according to the Guardian.

Who Is Behind The Parade?

While the event seems to be drawing some support from conservatives, the group only has three public members. In last years election, the group’s president, John Hugo ran for office. Hugo attempted to run for Massachusetts’ 5th Congressional District, but lost the election. Vice President Mark Sahady reportedly has ties to groups like the Proud Boys, the New Hampshire American Guard, and the Massachusetts Patriot Front.

The third member of the group, Chris Bartley, is considered the group’s “Gay Ambassador”. This is because Bartley identifies as gay, but he is also an extremely vocal conservative. On his Twitter profile, Barley says that he is also a member of “Gays For Trump.” He also says that he’s a proud American, a follower of Jesus, and a 2012 Eagle Scout.

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