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Elon Musk and Grimes Share Face Tattoo Photos Of New Baby Claim He’s Named “X Æ A-12”



Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and Canadian singer Grimes have announced the birth of their child, which would be a newsworthy event in itself, but as usual, the couple has used social media to crank the publicity up even further. The first image that the couple posted of the newborn was published on Snapchat, where they used filters to make it appear as if the baby had face tattoos. When asked what the baby’s name was, Elon told one of his supporters that the name was “X Æ A-12 Musk,” which many fans of Grimes recognized as a reference to a song on her last album, titled “4ÆM.”

The couple is certainly known for their comedic antics and trolling of the media, but they are also both known for their eccentricity, so it is unclear how serious they actually are about the name. It really could go either way.

Musk joked online about the face tattoos, saying that its “never too early or some ink.”

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Photo: Snapchat

The couple first created controversy in their initial announcement about the pregnancy. Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher announced the pregnancy with a naked photo that showed a baby photoshopped into her stomach. However, the post was later removed from Instagram and then a censored version was published in its place. At the time, Grimes said that she had “almost gotten away with it.”

This is Grimes’ first child and Elon’s 5th. The couple has been dating since 2018, after they met on Twitter when discovering that they both came up with the same pun relating to Rococo and the thought experiment Roko’s basilisk, which is a complex scenario involving artificial intelligence. In the thought experiment, an otherwise benevolent future AI system tortures simulations of those who did not work to bring the system into existence. This idea came to be known as “Roko’s basilisk,” based on Roko’s idea that merely hearing about the idea would give the hypothetical AI system stronger incentives to employ blackmail. Discussion of Roko’s basilisk was banned on some sources because it reportedly caused some readers to have a nervous breakdown.

In the week leading up to the child’s birth, Musk has been creating a stir on his social media page, mostly with commentary about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and his support for re-opening the country for business. However, he also contributed to a massive drop in the price for Tesla’s stock after he made a post on Twitter suggesting that the price was too high.

Tesla shares fell nearly 12% in the half hour following his stock price tweets. Tesla shares rebounded later in the day to close at $701.32 a share, a 7.17% decline from the opening. However, as many investors were expecting, the stock price quickly shot back up just days later.

Musk also made a strange claim that he was going to be selling all of his possessions.

Days after making the Tweet, Musk put two of his Los Angeles mansions up for sale, according to CNBC.

Photos: Zillow

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