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R. Kelly Facing Decades In Prison On Sexual Assault Charges After New Indictment



R.Kelly sexual assault
Image: Tyler LaRiviere/Chicago Tribune

Disgraced R&B musician R. Kelly is now facing 11 new charges of sexual assault and abuse. The accusations against Kelly come from at least four victims.

Kelly is also facing additional charges for sexually assaulting four women between the years of 1998 and 2010. Two of those victims were reportedly underage at the time of the assaults.

The singer has had a rough year since the release of the documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly.”

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Kelly is facing decades in prison. From the four most serious charges against him, he is looking at a possible 30-year prison sentence.

Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, said that the new charges will not impact his defense.

“They’re more serious charges, but it doesn’t change the facts. It doesn’t change how we’re going to approach the case,” Greenberg said.

Victims Go Public With Accusations

Court documents identified the main accuser with the initials “J.P” to protect her identity. However, she has since gone public in the documentary, connecting herself with the case. The woman has publicly identified herself as Jerhonda Pace.

Pace says that Kelly’s fans harassed her online after court records revealed her initials.

“His fans were livid when they saw ‘J.P’ on every count. They already started bothering me,” Pace tweeted after the indictment.

According to the charges, Kelly physically and sexually assaulted Pace during an argument in January 2010. Pace also claims that Kelly threatened to kill her during the altercation.

A Notorious Sexual Predator

R. Kelly is a notorious sexual predator in the music industry. For years, Kelly’s crimes were an open secret, that even the general public knew about.

His abusive treatment of particularly young women was first exposed in the late 1990s. In fact, Kelly faced child pornography charges after recording himself in various sex acts with an underage girl. The incident was so notorious that it became the inspiration for a popular Dave Chapelle skit.


Musician R. Kelly arrives at the Daley Center for a hearing in his child support case on May 8, 2019, in Chicago. Photo Credit: Matt Marton of the Associated Press

Then, during a later trial in 2008, a jury acquitted Kelly on child pornography charges yet again. In that case, prosecutors accused Kelly of filming himself having sex with his god-daughter, who was roughly 13.

The singer ultimately avoided jail time because prosecutors were unable to prove that he was the man in the video.

Kelly had a long history of abusing woman which extended far beyond that initial controversy. Prosecutors say that Kelly attempted to assault a hairdresser while he was on bond for child pornography charges in 2003.

R. Kelly’s Downfall

Despite his crimes, Kelly managed to stay under the radar until the #metoo movement began holding people like him accountable.

Large numbers of protesters have called for streaming services to remove Kelly from their platforms.

Oddly enough, Kelly’s streams have actually increased after the release of “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The singer’s Spotify streams increased by 16 percent following the release of the documentary series.

There may be significant evidence against him, but Kelly continues to deny the charges against him.


R. Kelly stands and berates Gayle King during an interview, after he became uncomfortable with questions about the sexual assault allegations against him. Photo Credit: Lazarus Baptiste of CBS News.

Earlier this year, after the initial arrest in the case, Kelly appeared on a televised interview for CBS This Morning. The embattled singer was incredibly erratic and aggressive during the interview.

At one point, when the questions became too invasive for Kelly, he lashed out at host Gayle King. A clip of the interview that went viral showed an enraged Kelly, standing and pounding on his chest as Gayle King remained seated and perfectly calm.

Kelly was arrested in March of this year and held at the Cook County Jail for refusal to pay child support. Cook County released the singer days later after an unnamed person paid off his remaining debts.

He has managed to avoid any serious jail time in the past, but it seems that R. Kelly’s luck may be running out.

R. Kelly was one of the best selling music artists in the United States, and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. The singer was once extremely wealthy, with a net worth of over $150 million dollars, but his fortune is now almost entirely gone.

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